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Splitter: Share existing physical serial port between several applications

Let's assume that you have GPS receiver that is already connected to your computer to the physical serial port COM1.

You have a program that opened COM1 and is now receiving GPS data. And all was fine until you wanted to run another program at the same time to get GPS data. But when you tried to run it, you got some weird message like "Can not open serial port" or something similiar. What happened ? Answer is: serial port can be opened by one application only. Serial port is an exclusive-access device type.

You have several options to deal with this situation:

Step 1.

Close program that opened serial port.
Step 2.
Run VSPE and create the splitter device. Select COM1 in "Data source serial port" combo box and COM2 in "Virtual serial port".
Step 3.
Now configure all your programs to receive GPS data from COM2. If you can not do that, please refer to Mapper device and Connector and Mapper link.
Now COM2 can be used by up to 8 different applications! Simple, isn't it ?

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