Virtual serial ports emulator project

Connector and Mapper link

Situation 1

Let's assume that you have:

You want to get access and modify data stream between the application and COM1. If you could change application settings, you could create Connector (COM2), change app settings to COM2 and run your own application-bridge that connects COM1 and COM2, modifying data stream on-the-fly. But application settings can not be changed! To solve this problem, you can use Mapper device.

That's all! Now third-party application will work with COM2 and your own application will be able to work as intended.

Situation 1

You have the same situation that is described in Splitter: Share existing physical serial port between several applications. The only difference is that some applications do not allow to change their configurations, so Splitter device can not help. In this case just add new VSPE device: Mapper (COM1 --> COM2). It will solve the problem. Please not, that Mapper must be created after Splitter, because on the contrary Splitter will not be able to work correctly.

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