Virtual serial ports emulator project

Frequently asked questions

I am using some feature and it does not work. Is it because VSPE is unregistered?

Currently, only "Start as service" feature won't work correctly if VSPE is unregistered. All other features will work exactly the same.

Virtual serial ports are not visible in Windows device manager!

This is currently by design. Even though the ports are not shown in Device manager, they are still created and can be used by applications - just try it.

I create virtual port COM10 but it is not visible to my application.

It is the operating system issue. COM ports with numbers from 1 to 9 can be opened without any problems. To open device with number greater than 9 you need to use "\\.\" prefix.

I create connector device to emulate modem, but modem does not work correctly.

This can be related to the modem driver. Try to use Pair device.

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