Virtual serial ports emulator project

Autorun: run as service

VSPE can be started as a service using one of App-to-service like programs.

We have successfully checked it with great NSSM tool. It is free and open source. You can download it from

Step 1.

Install NSSM
Step 2.
Create and save VSPE configuration in file (for example, c:/config.vspe).
Step 3.
Install service: go to NSSM folder and run "nssm install VSPE_Service". Specify path to VSPEmulator.exe and configuration file and click "Install service" button.
Step 4. Run service using "net start VSPE_Service" command or reboot your computer.

That's all.

To uninstall service, go to NSSM folder and run "nssm remove VSPE_Service".

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