Virtual serial ports emulator project

Network bridge

If you want to connect two computers via serial port you need a serial cable.

But it can be inconvenient in many cases: the cable can be too short or the computers can be located in different cities or even countries.

VSPE can solve it: just create "Network bridge" configuration that will allow you to do that. "Network bridge" is a combination of TcpServer, TcpClient and Connector (or Pair) devices.

Below is the example of such configuration that connects two computers via virtual serial port COM5 using network connection.

Computer 1
  • Create Connector device (COM5)
  • Create TcpServer device (Local Tcp Port = 5555, Source serial port = COM5)
Computer 2
  • Create Connector device (COM5)
  • Create TcpClient device (Remote TCP host = Computer 1 IP address or network name, Remote TCP port = 5555, Source serial port = COM5)
That's it, now both of your computers are connected via virtual serial port COM5.

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