Virtual serial ports emulator project

General description

VSPE main purpose

Virtual Serial Ports emulator (VSPE) is intended to help people to deal with such a thing as a serial port. Nowadays, serial ports are not used widely anymore. The reason is simple: it is a quite old stuff. Modern hardware devices as a rule connect to computers via high-speed USB ports and sometimes install their own UsbToCom driver. Serial ports are not installed in the most of new notebooks.

So why was VSPE created?

VSPE distinctive characteristics

VSPE has limitations described in the Known limitations and bugs section.

At current stage our main goals are:

Product status

VSPE current status is beta.

Product key features:



Because of Microsoft Kernel Code signing requirement, we had to purchase digital signature (price is $499 per year), that is why VSPE is not freeware for 64 bit platform. For 32 bit platform though, VSPE is free.

For more detailed information please look at User license agreement.


We do appreciate all feedbacks that users send to us. If you have found bug or have idea how to improve VSPE, please do not hesistate to contact us (See Contacting).

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