Virtual serial ports emulator project

TcpClient device

TcpClient establishes TCP/IP connection to remote computer and transfers data from existing serial port to remote PC and vice versa.

If connection is lost it will reconnect automatically. Also you can specify read data timeout (in seconds) to automatically reconnect Tcp client. Optionally, COM port can be read-only or write-only.

This device does not create virtual serial port. It uses existing one 
that can be either physical or virtual (for example, Connector).


Step 1


Step 2

Lua scripting system

TcpClient device supports scripting. It means that it is customizable. All scripts must be located in Scripts folder (in VSPE installation directory).

Simple script example
-- connect handler
function this.TcpClientConnected(this, context)
    this:SendString(context, "==> Login")

-- disconnecting handler (connection is still alive)
function this.TcpClientDisconnecting(this, context)
    this:SendString(context, "==> Logout")

-- disconnect handler (connection is already broken)
function this.TcpClientDisconnected(this, context)

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