SecretDrive: Keep Your Privacy

How to create flash drive container

Flash drive is one of the most great modern inventions.

It can keep large amount of data and is extremly easy to use. It is small, fast and reliable. However it can be easily lost or stolen. SecretDrive can protect your personal data from being exposed.

1. First of all clean your flash drive: remove all files and folders or format it using NTFS file system.

2. Pick "File => Create flash drive container..." menu item.


3. SecretDrive will search available removable devices and will display the next dialog:


Select destination flash drive and click "OK" button.

After you pressed "OK" button you would be redirected to the "Create container wizard". It is described in How to create container page.

How to use flash drive container

To mount such a container just plug in your flash drive in USB socket. SecretDrive will find it and display mount dialog automatically. There will be two disks mounted in the result: flash drive and container virtual disk. Your data will be located on the container virtual disk.

After you finished your work do not unplug flash drive immediately. You must unmount virtual disk first. To do it open SecretDrive and use Unmount command. If you forget about it you will see error dialog.


Also do not forget to safely remove flash drive using special icon in the system tray.


Now you can unplug your flash drive.

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