SecretDrive: Keep Your Privacy

How to create container

To create container please follow the steps below:



Click "Create container" button on the toolbar or pick "File => Create container..." menu item.



Specify container type (File container), location (path) and capacity (in MB). You can specify capacity either typing it manually or by selecting predefined size (for example, DVD+R 4481 MB). It can be practical if you are planning to backup it later on DVD disk. Press Next button.



It is the most important step: security. Specify strong password. It is not recommended to use words that can be found in dictionary, child birth year, pet name etc. You need to provide really hard password. For example, 'ghd723iIG3j is a quite good one. Also you can use Passwords generator. Click "Generate manually..." button to create strong container key (it is recommended option). Press Next button.



Specify preferable virtual disk letter (or leave it as as First free later if it does not matter). Press Next button.



Press Finish button.

6. Container allocation is a quite long process. Please be patient: your container is being filled with random data to complicate contents analyzing, encrypting, formatting, mounting etc. After a while, you can see the picture below:


Congratulations ! Your container has been successfully created and can now be used to keep your private data. Press OK button.

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